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Warehousing And Open Yard Storage Services

warehouse management in Saudi Arabia

KTS has the capability to provide both open-yard and closed-warehouse facilities, serving as an extension of your existing warehouses. These facilities are designed specifically for cargo storage, ensuring that your goods are securely and efficiently stored. Whether you require an open yard for easy access and maneuverability or a closed warehouse for added protection and security, KTS can accommodate your needs.

In addition to its primary function of storing cargo, the facility also offers cross-loading, stuffing, destuffing, and lashing services.


  • Streamlined inventory management: Store cargo in our terminals and efficiently ship a specific quantity to the customer.
  • Efficient cargo stuffing services: Our specialized area and dedicated staff ensure seamless handling and loading of your cargo into containers.
  • Expert cargo destuffing services: Trust our specialized team to safely and efficiently unload your cargo from containers and store the cargo at our storage facilities. We can then ship smaller quantities to your premises on demand.
  • Secure cargo lashing services: Our dedicated team and equipment ensure proper cargo securing for safe transportation, offering comprehensive logistics support.
Cross Loading

Cross Loading

We offer a convenient solution for your inventory management needs. We can simplify the process by storing your containerized cargo at our terminals. Whenever you require a specific amount of cargo, we will ship it to you through cross-loading.

Stuffing/Destuffing/ Lashing

If you do not have the necessary facilities for handling containers at your locations, we can assist with the stuffing and destuffing of your cargo. In our terminals, we have a specific area designated for this job. We also have a team of dedicated staff members who are specifically trained to handle and oversee this kind of operation.

Additionally, we have all the necessary equipment for this activity. We offer comprehensive cargo transportation services that will simplify your logistics needs. Kanoo terminal services team will handle the entire process, including picking up the cargo from your premises. We will securely store it in our facility and load it into containers. Additionally, we will arrange for the onward shipment, ensuring it reaches its destination in time. With us as your partners, you can focus on your core business while leaving the logistics to us.

Stuffing Destuffing Lashing
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