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Transportation And Logistics Services


KTS is your dependable partner for all your transportation and logistics needs in the GCC region. We promise to provide you with first-rate services tailored to your unique requirements, using our in-depth knowledge and highly specialized fleet.

Kanoo Terminal Services has more than 40 years of experience managing road transport services in KSA and the GCC. We have a wide range of fleet assets to meet your needs, including flatbed, curtain side, refrigerated, multipurpose, and skeleton trailers of different dimensions – 20’/30’/40’/45’/50’ . We make sure to deliver your cargo on time, and you can keep track of it in real-time. We are experts at moving cargo that needs to be kept at a certain temperature or is sensitive.


  • Expert reefer transportation: Ensuring temperature integrity, round-the-clock monitoring, and skilled technicians for your temperature-sensitive cargo during transit.
  • Tailored petrochemical (petchem) transportation solutions: From container preparation and doorstep delivery to seamless cargo staging and loading services.
  • Unmatched dry logistics: Wide range of trailers, secure cargo transportation, and customized services for your import, export, or local transport needs.
  • Seamless port movement solutions: From port to terminal to your location, our wide fleet ensures smooth bulk container transportation
  • Streamlined customs clearance service: KTS assists in meeting customs requirements for enhanced efficiency.
  • Reliable tank transportation for liquid chemicals: Preparation and provisioning of tanks and strict adherence to safety regulations. KTS is SQAS-assessed, and our drivers are ADR-certified
  • Experience our world-class fleet: Efficient services, versatile trailers, GPS-enabled trucks, and skilled maintenance personnel ensuring top condition and real-time tracking.
Reefer Transportation

Reefer Transportation

We are experts at maintaining the integrity of reefer containers while they are being stored or moved between the port, our terminal, and your location. Our trailers have clip-on generator sets that keep the reefer temperature within an agreed range while they are in transit. During transit, our drivers check the reefer’s temperature periodically and work with the central control to fix any problems in an emergency situation.

The temperature data can also be sent to customer systems if required For high-value, temperature-sensitive cargo, KTS can also send a skilled technician with the reefers while they are in transit on demand.

We can provide reefer trailers for moving temperature-sensitive goods around. Our reefer trailers have GPS units that track, record, and send temperature information to central control 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

PetChem Transportation

When it comes to loading petrochemical (Petchem) cargo, our extensive services adapt to your individual requirements and shipping line standards. We carefully prepare containers and bring them right to your door. Alternatively, we provide easy cargo staging at our terminal, where our professional crew provides fast stuffing services to load cargo into containers and arrange for smooth transport to the port.

Dry transportation

Dry Transportation

We offer a wide choice of trailers for all your transportation needs, including flatbed and curtain-side trailers that accommodate both containerized and non-containerized cargo for import , export , or local transport.

We can provide customized services that include bulkhead preparation and lashing services to ensure secure cargo transportation by preventing any movement.

Partner with us for fast, dependable, and unmatched dry logistics fulfillment services.

Port Movement

Our seamless services include both transportation of your shipments from the port to our storage terminal and direct delivery to your location.

Thanks to our wide fleet, we are well-equipped to manage bulk container movements, ensuring the smooth transportation of goods between our yard, your location, and the port. You can rely on us to handle your logistics with the utmost precision and dependability.

Port movement
Custom Clearance Service is Saudi Arabia

Custom Clearance

KTS provides end-to-end service, including assistance with customs requirements.

Tank Transportation/ Storage

This is a specialized and highly sought-after service that caters specifically to the transportation of liquid chemical cargo (hazardous and Non) in specially designed tanks.

We provide services that are specifically designed for storing and transporting chemicals in your plants. We take pride in delivering exceptional service while strictly following all safety regulations for transporting cargo.

Our company has successfully completed the SQAS assessment, which demonstrates our commitment to maintaining high standards in the transportation industry. Additionally, our drivers have obtained ADR certification, ensuring their expertise in handling hazardous materials.

Our Fleet

KTS transportation services are top-of-the-line, and our fleet is unmatched. Our fleet comprises world-class vehicles that are maintained in top condition

We provide efficient transportation services with our own fleet of trucks and versatile trailers (including multi-purpose, flatbed, curtain-side, and refrigerated). GPS-enabled trucks enable real-time tracking and performance monitoring with on-demand customer access. Our skilled maintenance personnel guarantee a quick asset turnaround.

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