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Reefer Services

Your cargo in reefer containers is perishable

Your cargo in reefer containers is perishable and probably of high value. We understand that it is critical to monitor and maintain the cold chain. KTS can be your trusted provider to help you maintain the cold chain during reefer storage in our terminals or reefer transport to your locations.
We offer Reefer management Services around the clock. We are authorized service agents and OEM part suppliers for Carrier Transicold, Star Cool, Daikin, and Thermo King.
Kanoo Terminal Services are also equipped with a fleet of Clip on Gensets for the inland transportation of reefer units.


  • Authorized reefer repair services: Certified technicians are available 24/7 with quick turnarounds, OEM adherence, and comprehensive record-keeping.
  • Pre-Trip Inspection (PTI) services: To ensure proper temperature settings, structural integrity, and functioning of refrigeration units for transport of perishable cargo, done by OEM certified technicians.
  • Secure plug-in and 24/7 temperature monitoring: Continuous temperature monitoring and CCTV surveillance for reefer units, ensuring operational integrity and cargo security.
  • Supply of reefer spares: We maintain an inventory of spare parts of the principals and supply on demand to customers
  • Expert data download services for reefers: Utilizing specialized equipment and OEM-recommended software, we provide detailed data log reports to track the performance of your reefer containers – together with expert insight, on demand.
  • Dependable warranty repairs for reefer units: OEM-standard repairs by trained technical staff for continued warranty protection of reefer units .
Reefer Repair Services

Reefer Repair Services

KTS is an authorized repair service agent for Carrier Transicold, Star Cool, Daikin, and Thermo King. With certified technicians available 24/7, KTS ensures quick reefer repairs in various locations, including terminals, customer sites, ports, onboard vessels, and offshore platforms. The company maintains an extensive inventory of spare parts for quick turnaround. The Kanoo Terminal Services technical team is fully equipped to handle all types of reefer repair, service, and maintenance tasks, following OEM guidelines. They use high-quality refrigerants and conduct halide testing to ensure refrigerant purity.

KTS maintains records for reefer repair, PTI, warranty repair, and halide testing for 2 years, which can be shared with customers on demand. To stay current on technical advancements, OEM principlals, regularly train our technicians. KTS also offers genset service and repair for clip-on and underslung gensets.

Pre-Trip Inspection (PTI)

We provide inspection services for empty reefer containers before releasing them to customers to ensure the reefer container temperature is set to the desired value and the refrigeration unit is 100% fit for maintaining cargo in a safe temperature range until it reaches its destination.

PTI service is handled by a qualified reefer technician who has passed the OEM PTI exam and is certified.

With our experience and in collaboration with shipping lines, we have developed a 28-point checklist that is used for every PTI undertaken by us. The checklist covers all the major and minor checks on reefer machinery, structure, and cleaning for accomplishing the PTI process successfully.

We also provide reefer cleaning/washing services.

Pre-Trip Inspection (PTI)
40 Feet Reefer Container

Plug In and Temperature

We have a dedicated area in our terminals to store full reefers and provide plug-in points for the running of chilling units. Our technicians monitor the reefer temperature periodically on a 24 x 7 basis and ensure that reefer units are operational and that the temperature of the reefer unit is within the agreed range.

The reefer monitoring team handles any failures or malfunctions, and physical temperature monitoring records are readily available for sharing with customers. CCTV cameras are fixed in the live reefer container area to record movement, and unauthorized personnel are prohibited due to cargo quality sensitivity.

Supply of Reefer Spares

KTS maintains an inventory of spare parts for the principals and can supply these on demand to customers. We keep ample spare part stock, which helps us carry out any kind of reefer spare part replacement swiftly.

We provide a warranty for the new spare part(s) according to the OEM policy.

Supply of Reefer Spares
Data Download

Data Download

KTS is an authorized service provider for Reefer’s data download service. We have specialized devices and trained technicians to download the reefer performance data based on requests from shipping lines or container companies. This activity is required to check the performance of reefer containers throughout their journey.

We use only OEM recommended software for data downloading, can provide data log reports in Raw, text, and PDF formats, and can provide our expert explanation of the data log to the customer on demand.

Warranty Repair

We perform warranty repairs on reefer units for our principal.

Our reefer technical team is well trained to handle the warranty repair as per OEM guidelines, and we use only OEM recommended spare parts for warranty repair.

We can perform warranty service at the KTS service Center (KTS depots in Dammam and Jeddah) or at the customer site.

Warranty Repair
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