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Other Services

KTS offers a wide variety of supplemental services, and our solutions are tailored to meet your unique needs. We work with you to deliver complete solutions because we recognize how crucial each component of your logistical needs is. Check out some of our extra services below:


  • Flexi Bag Fitting: Streamline bulk liquid shipments with our specialized cost-efficient flexi bag fitting services.
  • Container Fumigation: Ensure pest-free transportation of the valuable cargo with our expert container fumigation services as per customer requirements.
  • CSC Plate Inspection: We are authorized to inspect and revalidate container CSC plates as per the Container Safety Convention.
  • Container Sales / Lease: We offer a wide range of sizes and types of containers to meet your specific requirements for sale or on lease.

Flexi Bag Fittings

Efficiency and convenience are critical when moving liquid materials. Our Flexi bag fitting service ensures that your liquid cargo is transported safely. Flexi bags are eco-friendly and offer convenience of handling over other methods of liquid transportation.

Kanoo Terminal Services team of experts can fit flexi bags for your containers.

Container Fumigation

It is important to contain the growth of pests in containers to avoid damage to your cargo during long transit periods. Our fumigation services are carried out in accordance with industry standards and use high quality chemicals to prevent pest growth and possible spread to your cargo.

Container Fumigation Procedure
CSC Plate Inspection and Revalidation

CSC Plate Inspection and Revalidation

KTS is authorized to inspect and revalidate the container CSC plate as per the Container Safety Convention. We can provide this service after completing the container repair work in our workshop – giving you confidence in the reliability of your containers.

Container Sales/Lease

At KTS, we not only specialize in offering first-rate services, but we also provide a wide variety of containers. We are one of the Saudi Arabia’s leading providers of Shipping Containers and offer ISO Shipping Containers, Tank Containers and Refrigerated Containers for sale/lease.

Container SalesLease
Container Fumigation

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