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Inland Container Depot

Storage containers in Saudi Arabia

Welcome to Kanoo Terminal Services, a leader in providing Inland Container Depot (ICD) services in Saudi Arabia. KTS has vast container storage facilities close to Saudi Arabia’s main seaports, including Dammam, Jeddah, Jubail, and an inland port in Riyadh. As the go-to container depot for well-known international shipping lines, we offer a full range of services to satisfy your storage requirements.

Choose Kanoo Terminal Services for your inland container storage needs in Saudi Arabia and experience a seamless logistics experience that propels your business forward. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover how we can add value to your supply chain.


  • Income inspection and estimation: Thorough verification, adherence to customer-specific requirements and IICL norms, prompt communication of estimates with detailed photos via email or EDI transmission.
  • Seamless EDI integration: Our Terminal Operations Software enables swift and accurate communication through electronic data interchange.
  • Secure and convenient container storage: Strategically located facilities, flexible operations, compounded, and 24/7 guarded depots for maximum security.
  • Efficient container release for export: Facilitating timely and hassle-free transportation of large quantities of empty containers to your location
  • Efficient customer KPI management: We tracks, manages, and shares various KPIs for container handling and storage operations, including customer-specific KPIs when required.
  • Swift container shuttling for repositioning: We ensure quick and efficient transportation of empty containers to the port, handling all port formalities for a streamlined and timely service.

Incoming Inspection and Estimation

All incoming containers are inspected by our estimation team in conformance with IICL standards and customer specific criteria, if required. All our estimators are IICL certified and all estimates accompanied by photographs are immediately communicated with our customers either by e-mail of EDI transmission

Container Storage

Kanoo Terminal Services is a leading Inland Container Depot that offers safe and effective storage methods. We provide secure storage for containerized and general cargo at our strategically placed storage facilities close to the ports.

Our flexible operations allow us to quickly deliver containers to customer locations or ports on short notice. We are a preferred storage facility for shipping lines, entrusted with the task of storing empty containers on their behalf.

Our depots are completely guarded, with staff on duty around the clock and CCTV surveillance to ensure the security of your valuable cargo. Because our facilities are open 24/7, convenience and security are guaranteed.

Container Storage
customer service kpi Saudi Arabia

Customer KPI Management

Kanoo Terminal Services measures and manages key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate its services. We track and share with our customers a variety of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for container handling and storage operations. If necessary, KTS will also implement your own KPI.

EDI Facility

Our Terminal Operations Software offers advanced features for seamless integration with customer systems through electronic data interchange technology. EDI communications offer the advantage of being both swift and remarkably accurate, devoid of any errors.

EDI Facility in Saudi Arabia

Container Release For Export

We facilitate the efficient release and transportation of empty containers in large quantities to your location, as per the agreement established between you and the shipping lines.

Container Shuttling To Port For Repositioning

Our Inland Container Depot excels at quickly and efficiently transporting significant numbers of empty containers to the port. We guarantee a timely response because we know the expectations of time-sensitive shipping lines. We handle all port formalities as part of our comprehensive service, which streamlines the container transportation procedure.

Shipping management in Saudi Arabia

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