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Container Life Cycle Management

Containers Cleaning In Saudi Arabia

Container Lifecycle Management (EMR) services at KTS are offered with strict adherence to industry standards and practices for repairing containers of all types, including ISO containers, Reefer containers (non-structural), and Tank containers.

We specialize in the repair of all types of containers as per IICL standards. Our experienced staff will work on repair jobs based on your approval and provide a quick turnaround.

Our EMR facility is one of the few that is equipped with rails for the correct placement of containers, ensuring both safety and well-being during extended periods of repair work. This makes it possible to move the containers when the surrounding conditions are unfavorable, which cuts down on turnaround time and makes working conditions safer for employees.

KTS maintains compliance with stringent industry and customer standards, which guarantee high-quality outcomes for customers. On request, we can provide evidence of adherence to the quality standards.


  • Industry-leading container maintenance and repairs: Specializing in all container types, our EMR facility with rails ensures efficient repairs in adverse weather, prioritizing safety and swift turnaround.
  • Uncompromising commitment to quality: Meeting and exceeding industry and customer standards, we consistently deliver high-quality results.
Container Repair In Saudi Arabia

Equipment Maintenance and Repairs (EMR)

For container repairs, we strictly adhere to industry standards and practices. We specialize in the repair of all types of containers, including ISO containers, Reefer Containers (nonstructural), and Tank containers.

KTS is one of the few EMR facilities with rails for moving containers into an inner shade – especially for units requiring relatively longer repair times. This allows us to place and move the containers appropriately so that our team can attend to the repair job during adverse weather conditions such as rain and high temperatures. This improves employee safety and well-being while also reducing container repair turnaround time.

Quality Check

We maintain a strong commitment to upholding rigorous industry and customer standards in all of our activities. This dedication ensures that we consistently deliver high-quality results that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We can provide evidence of adherence to agreed quality standards to customers on demand.

Container Maintenance In Saudi Arabia
Container Management & Maintenance In Saudi Arabia

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